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Circle the wagons

Erscheinungsdatum 08.10.2019 Quined Games  

Circle the Wagons is a competitive card-drafting and territory-building game for 2 players in which you compete for the best cards. This game uses only 18 cards as well and, identical to Sprawlopolis, 3 of the 18 cards are randomly selected at game start to determine scoring for that game. You’ll never build the same town twice!Goal of each game is to pick cards that support your territory best, without leaving other good cards for your opponent. Territories always score based on their size, but variable scoring adds 3 more ways to score (or lose!) points.

Format:2 cm × 6 cm × 9 cm
Gewicht:0.1 kg
Spieler:Ab 2 Spieler ab 8 Jahren
Spieldauer:15 Minuten


This video is a short GERMAN explanation of Magic Maze, a funny boardgame created by Kasper Lapp, illustrated by Gyom and published by Sit Down in 2017!