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Cosmic Factory

Erscheinungsdatum 02.01.2019 Gigamic  

Kaosmos, which will be renamed Cosmic Factory in late 2018, is a speedy game of tile placement. Through five game rounds, each player tries to build and optimize their personal nine-tile galaxy in a limited time. You must rearrange your planets into different zones while trying to keep your asteroid path as long as possible. Kaos cards challenge each player to adapt to a new rule each round. At the end of the game, your weakest zone score is added to your asteroid path score to determine the winner.

Format:14 cm × 16 cm × 5 cm
Gewicht:1.002 kg
Spieler:2 bis 6 Spieler ab 10 Jahren
Spieldauer:30 Minuten


This video is a short GERMAN explanation of Magic Maze, a funny boardgame created by Kasper Lapp, illustrated by Gyom and published by Sit Down in 2017!