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Challenge of the Superfriends Card Game

Erscheinungsdatum 02.05.2019 Cryptozoic Entertainment  

The Superfriends have gathered at the Hall of Justice to take on the challenge of thirteen of the most sinister villains of all time. Play your cards right and you'll defeat the Legion of Doom! Based on the classic animated TV show, Challenge of the Superfriends Card Game utilizes Cryptozoics new Gryphon-card-game-engine to deliver a fast-paced, easy-to-learn tabletop experience.

  • Simultaneous play: 2 to 4 players play their cards at the same time to capture Super-Villains! Simple, addictive gameplay that rewards both luck and strategy Cards call forth allies or Superpowers that can change the outcome! Play as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or Aquaman, with new art based on the classic TV series


Format:9 cm × 5 cm × 2 cm
Gewicht:0.42 kg
Spieler:2 bis 4 Spieler ab 10 Jahren
Spieldauer:25 Minuten


This video is a short GERMAN explanation of Magic Maze, a funny boardgame created by Kasper Lapp, illustrated by Gyom and published by Sit Down in 2017!