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  • Release date 12.06.2016
    On the search for wild adventures and golden treasures, the pirates traverse the vast ocean. “ Treasure ahoy!” the captain shouts excitedly, looking through his telescope. And look – a treasure chest really is glittering over there on the beach. “Set sail!We are going ashore!” The pirate ship soon heads towards the island with the treasure. But what’s THAT? A dangerous storm is brewing on the horizon! Now the treasure needs to be loaded onto the ship as quick ly as possible and the booty...

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  • Release date 31.05.2016
    No wonder nobody has touched the old pirate treasures on the South Sea Islands they are guarded by blustering hurricanes! As brave captains of Piratissimo you are not put off by that. Against all odds, the storm, and your eager opponents, you embark on a treasure hunt. Depending on which island you anchor, you can grab the treasures the island bears or raid the pirate colleagues you meet there. Dont become greedy, though, or your ship will keel over with all of its gold. Also, if the hurricane...

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