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Strengthened ties

Spilbræ becomes exclusive distributor for Pegasus Spiele titles in the Nordic Territory

Friedberg/Copenhagen, 08.10.2019: As of now the Danish distributor Spilbræ takes over the exclusive distribution of Pegasus Spiele titles in the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Spilbræ was founded in 2014 and operates as a successful distributor in all Nordic countries. Spilbræ was already significantly involved in the distribution of Pegasus Spiele titles in the Nordic countries in the past years. This long-standing collaboration will now be further expanded, as all Pegasus Spiele titles in the Nordic Territory will now be distributed exclusively by Spilbræ

Kim Dorff, CEO of Spilbræ "We are very excited to work even closer with Pegasus Spiele and their broad range of amazing games like the re-release of the classic Talisman-series and the atmospheric interactive crime tales in UNDO. Pegasus Spiele is a great partner to have and we, as gamers, are very excited to build their line of games in the Nordic region."

Andreas Finkernagel & Karsten Esser, CEOs of Pegasus Spiele: "We are excited to take another step in strengthening the Pegasus Spiele brand on an international level by launching our exclusive collaboration in the Nordics with Spilbraet.dek. After several years of partnership, we are proud to have this skilled company by our side."

As highlights of the new exclusive distribution, Spilbræ will release Pegasus Spiele titles such as Talisman Revised 4th Edition, Crown of Emara and the UNDO series in the Scandinavian Territory. In addition, Pegasus Spiele regularly localizes games from the Finnish game publisher and parent company of Spilbræ,, i.e. Amul and Flamme Rouge.

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