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Good News for Exceptionally Nice People

Pegasus Spiele releases Tricky Druids and Crown of Emara at Gen Con 2019

Friedberg/Indianapolis, July 31st: The Gen Con 2019 will take place in Indianapolis from August 1st to August 4th. Pegasus Spiele will release the brand-new family game Tricky Druids, as well as the US version of Crown of Emara and the Playtest Guide of the upcoming Talisman Adventures – Fantasy Roleplaying Game. Tricky Druids, Crown of Emara, UNDO, Nobjects, The Dwarves and many more games can be played at the Pegasus Spiele booth #2013 in the Exhibit Hall or at the event space in Event Hall C. All games can be purchased directly at the Pegasus Spiele booth from Saltire Games. Additionally, any visitor to the Pegasus Spiele booth can pick up a free copy of the UNDO demo pack Drowned Hopes.

A clever gift-giving mechanism makes each turn of Tricky Druids exciting and interactive. Players slip into the roles of diligent druids, brewing their own magic potions in secret. However, they are so terribly nice to each other, that instead of just putting the ingredients they have gathered into their potion, they offer some of those ingredients as gifts to one of their fellow druids. If the recipient of these generous presents accepts, they may add the ingredients to their potion. But should they decline, then the gift giver has to put all those ingredients into their own potion, instead. That’s what makes Tricky Druids an exciting game for the whole family.

Crown of Emara
skillfully combines card actions with worker movement actions, allowing players to plan their turns carefully during their downtime. As aspiring heirs to the throne, the players have to balance tasks in the city as well as the countryside to gain the citizens’ favor on the two scoring tracks. The intriguing combination of card actions and worker movement requires careful planning and the optimization of every turn. The playing time is really remarkable: Crown of Emara is a challenging core game which can be played in an hour or less.

For anyone more interested in RPGs Pegasus Spiele is launching a Playtest Guide for the upcoming Talisman Adventures – Fantasy Roleplaying Game (RPG) at Gen Con 2019. The Playtest Guide offers a preview of the full game and allows players to create characters that are playable up to 3rd level. 
Talisman Adventures RPG gives players the opportunity to experience Talisman in an entirely new way by creating their own adventures in a roleplaying game setting based on the board game classic. It utilizes a simple system that emphasizes character action and requires only 3 six-sided dice to play.

In addition to these three new releases, Pegasus Spiele will also present the new game series UNDO, where players will travel through the history of a recently deceased person as weavers of fate, trying to change the past in order to create a new future and prevent the death from ever happening. The first three releases are Cherry Blossom Festival (set in modern Japan), Curse from the Past (set in Germany in the 1990s and reaching back to ancient Egypt) and Blood in the Gutter (set in the USA in the 1920s). A special demo case called Drowned Hopes can be played at Gen Con, or picked up at the Pegasus Spiele booth to try at home.

For anyone not attending Gen Con, developer Ian Lemke will present the Talisman Adventures – Fantasy Roleplaying Game Playtest Guide during BoardGameGeek’s livestream. There will also be a presentation of Tricky Druids and Crown of Emara at the livestream.

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NEW Facebook page “Pegasus Spiele Global”

Pegasus Spiele will launch a new international Facebook page “Pegasus Spiele Global” (
@pegasusspieleglobal) with the latest information about international releases and events. Subscribers of the page can also look forward to inside views from designers and illustrators as well as contests and prize draws.

All fans liking the Facebook page “Pegasus Spiele Global” from 1-4 August have the chance to win an amazing prize
package with Crown of Emara, Tricky Druids, Talisman – Legendary Tales and many more games! Visitors posting a picture from the Pegasus Spiele booth at Gen Con 2019 will get a free PDF copy of the Talisman Adventures RPG Playtest Guide.


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