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The best narrators are searched for the Talisman – Legendary Tales contest

Friedberg, 12.06.2019: Pegasus Spiele calls out for an epic contest. Until the 31st of August 2019 players can submit self-designed adventures for Talisman – Legendary Tales. Therefor Pegasus Spiele provides a building set and an instruction for all participants, which helps to create an own adventure. The winner will get a 120-Euro-Voucher for the Pegasus Shop and a copy of the upcoming reprint of Talisman – The Magical Quest, 4th Edition. Besides a selection of the best adventures will be published. 

In the cooperative fantasy game for 1-6 player aged 8 and above, the players step into the role of heroes to solve thrilling adventures. Each hero has specific abilities. Those are wisely used to solve the quests and prevent evil forces from obtaining power. The basic game contains five adventures, which are described on adventure scrolls. Through the adaptive concept of these adventure scrolls it is a simple thing to create a new adventure single-handed.

The contest is about creating an own adventure in sense of an adventure scroll. From now on until the 31st of August 2019 players can submit their own adventures. But not only the winner will get a price. A selection of the most legendary adventures of all participants will get released, so that the best storytellers achieve their well-deserved honor and fame. Moreover amongst all participants there will be drawn three copies of Talisman – The Magical Quest, 4th Edition.

The jury is constituted of the Pegasus Spiele editors as well as the two authors Michael Palm and Lukas Zach. They will care about the submissions and finally judge about the best adventure.

For all interested ones, there can be find further information about the contest as well as the access to the building set and the instructions online:

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