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Merry Christmas with Heart and Mind

Pegasus Spiele presents new entertainment between the years

Friedberg, 21.12.2018: Many new releases have found their way onto the gaming tables and into the living rooms already. Between the years, Pegasus Spiele delivers yet more gaming goodness in time for the holidays. The cooperative game Adventure Island as well as the family game Brains Family –Burgen & Drachen (engl. Castles & Dragons) leave no room for boredom in the days after Christmas. Pegasus Spiele also wants to take the time and say thank you to all of you for turning 2018 into a successful, exciting and thrilling year.

Not one, but two new releases have landed just in time for the Christmas celebrations, offering lots of gaming joy during the “most wonderful time of the year” 

The cooperative, story-driven game Adventure Island from the designers Michael Palm and Lukas Zach will make the hearts of two to five players beat faster. In five continuous adventures, players try to survive on the desert island they have been stranded on. Every player takes on the role of one survivor with unique attributes and abilities. During this fight for the survival of the castaways, players need to act wisely and consider everyone’s actions together: every decision has direct consequences on the development of the story. 

Additionally, another game has made it in time for Christmas. With Brains Family – Burgen & Drachen (engl. Castles & Dragons) the popular single player puzzle series has been adapted as a family game. The objective of Brains Family – Burgen & Drachen: two to four players compete to slay gruesome dragons and capture legendary castles. The increasing difficulty level for leading players keeps the game fair for everybody so that no-one will be completely tailed off. This way, the successful Brains series becomes an engaging multiplayer experience that still requires lots of brains power.

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