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Legendary Tales to be told at the Gen Con 2018

Pegasus Spiele releases standalone game Talisman - Legendary Tales and murder mystery Gamer Over! at Gen Con 2018 in Indianapolis

Friedberg, 30 July 2018: From August 2 to August 5, the Gen Con Indy takes place in Indianapolis, USA. German publisher Pegasus Spiele (winner of the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award 2017 as publisher and 2018 as distributor) will attend the show with a stand in the Exhibit Hall as well as a space in the Event Hall. At stand #2013 visitors can try out new releases and get to know Pegasus Spiele. Gen Con Indy will open to the public on Thursday at 10 am. While the Exhibit Hall is open from 10 am to 6 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and from 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday, Gen Con is a 24-hour-show.

Gen Con is the largest tabletop-game convention in North America by both attendance and number of events. It features traditional pen-and-paper, board and card games, including role-playing games, miniatures wargames, live action role-playing games, collectible card games, strategy games with a variety of tournament, seminars and workshops.

This year Pegasus Spiele will release the new standalone game Talisman - Legendary Tales, a cooperative family game located in the famous Talisman universe under a license with Games Workshop. Forces of evil now seek to find the legendary Talismans to take possession of the Crown of Command. Brave heroes have to find the Talismans to prevent evil from ruling the world. For this dwarves, elves, trolls, warriors, prophets and wizards must work together by using their unique abilities. Legendary Tales features a bag-building mechanism to represent the heroes' development and offers five connected and replayable adventures.

Those who pick up the game at the Pegasus Spiele stand #2013 or later at a brick and mortar store in the USA will be rewarded with an exclusive promo hero: the druidess/the druid. Alpha preview sessions of the upcoming Talisman – The Roleplaying Game (planned release at Gen Con 2019) are offered by designer Ian Lemke and his team.

At the event space visitors can have a preview look at Adventure Island (“How will you escape from this unknown, lonely island?”) and Castle Rampage (A tower defense game for two players.). Both games will be released at the SPIEL’18 in Essen. Visitors who will play a demo session of The Dwarves, the classic cooperative fantasy game, will be rewarded with an original dwarven promo die for free.

Scandal at the famous board game convention SPIEL: A well-known video blogger was murdered and 7 to 8 players try to solve the murder case! Gamer Over! is a classic murder mystery with many humorous references to the board game community. At the event hall visitors can play a stand-alone demo case for 4 players.

Special offers at the Pegasus Spiele stand #2013 include The Dwarves Bundle with the base game, the 2 players game The Dwarves - The Duell, a comic book and an artbook. Pay 2, get 3 – this special deal contains games for 2 players: 4 Seasons, The Dwarves - The Duell, Dragon Master.

Whoever wants to witness the preparations of the Pegasus Spiele-heroes for Gen Con 2018, can watch the “Road to Gen Con” on the Pegasus Spiele profile on Twitter and Instagram. Narrator and role play designer Ian Lemke takes the spectators on a special adventure.

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