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New standalone game Talisman - Legendary Tales is coming to Gen Con 2018

Friedberg, July 25, 2018: Games Workshop’s Talisman – The magical quest game is called the mother of all fantasy board games.
The first edition of the legendary Talisman adventure board game was published in 1983 and instantly became an iconic fantasy game. With the new standalone game Talisman - Legendary Tales families with younger heroes can immerse themselves in the world of Talisman.

In 2018 Games Workshop’s Talisman celebrates its 35th anniversary. So, it is time for a new chapter: Pegasus Spiele will develop four games with worldwide rights under a license with Games Workshop. The first game will be Talisman – Legendary Tales, a cooperative family game that allows heroes to experience exciting adventures.

Players must prevent evil forces from obtaining a magical artifact of immense power - the Crown of Command. The Crown is hidden behind the Portal of Power. Only a legendary Talisman allows its bearer to pass the Portal. Over the years five of the Talismans disappeared. Forces of evil now seek to find them to take possession of the Crown of Command. Brave heroes have to find the Talismans to prevent evil from ruling the world. For this dwarves, elves, trolls, warriors, prophets and wizards must work together by using their unique abilities. Legendary Tales features a bag-building mechanism to represent the heroes' development and offers five connected and replayable adventures.

The experienced designers Lukas Zach and Michael Palm have developed successful games for Pegasus Spiele in the past like the fantasy adventure game The Dwarves and the children’s game Wizardry to the power of three, which was recommended by the Jury Spiel des Jahres in 2017.

Talisman – Legendary Tales will be released at Gen Con from 2 August to 5 August 2018 and available later through regular distribution. Those who pick up the game at the Pegasus Spiele booth #2013 or later at a brick and mortar store will be rewarded with an exclusive promo hero: the druidess/the druid.

In the hour of greatest need, new heroes will rise!

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