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Raise the curtain and start the movie!

Pegasus Spiele presents the new family game "Film ab!" at the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg

Friedberg, 30. January 2018: The new board game highlight for families by Pegasus Spiele is named Film ab!. In this accessible game by Anna Oppolzer and Stefan Kloss, two to four players ages 8 and up place spectators in a movie theater that is about to start rolling the next movie. And that is not as easy as it sounds, as every cinemagoer has their preferences.

Almost every moviegoer has already experienced it: The wrong person sitting next to you can turn any comedy into a horror film. Similarly, Film ab! depends on the right seating arrangement so that viewers can enjoy the blockbuster. Every player has 12 characters at their disposal, only four of those on their hand each round. These characters have to be placed optimally during the game.

In doing so, you have to prevent someone from placing the kid with a weak bladder in the middle of the row, or avoid having chatterboxes right next to your characters. Many moviegoers also have very specific preferences: They want to sit next to their partner, be surrounded by men or women, or they want to sit in the very first row. However, even the nicest seat is not the best if a beanpole of a human takes the seat right in front of them and blocks the view of the screen.

Hopefully the Hooligan doesn’t show up just before the movie starts and chases the eager spectators from their seats. Whoever has the most satisfied viewers after several rounds wins the game!

Film ab! is easy to master and a quick family game with a witty application of a situation everyone has already experienced in a movie theater. The clever card placing mechanism and the different characters with their peculiarities make for great entertainment at the gaming table.

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