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Co-operation between Pegasus Spiele and Portal Games in 2018 stronger than ever before

Friedberg, January 24th 2018: Pegasus Spiele and the Polish publisher Portal Games are going to deepen their partnership. Pegasus Spiele takes over the exclusive distribution for the German editions of titles from Portal Games, starting with Alien Artifacts. These titles will be published with a Pegasus Spiele logo.

Portal Games is a well-known brand in the international gaming industry. The nowadays not-so-small publisher caught the gamers’ attention mostly with ambitious and innovative releases like Neuroshima Hex!, Imperial Settlers or Robinson Crusoe, and received numerous nominations and awards with them.

For a number of years now, Portal Games has been cooperating with Pegasus Spiele in Germany, both concerning distribution and the release of German localizations. With the introduction of Portal Games Germany in 2016, Portal Games also began publishing German editions under their own logo. Starting in 2018, Pegasus Spiele takes over the exclusive distribution of these German editions, starting with Alien Artifacts, which will feature a Pegasus Spiele logo in the bottom right corner of the cover.

In Alien Artifacts, humanity has expanded to the far reaches of the galaxy. Six rivalling factions continuously fight for resources and technological progress. Every player controls the development of one faction, trying to emerge as the sole victor in this galactic conflict. In comparison to other civilization-building games, the appeal of Alien Artifacts lies in its clever card management system. Every new technology offers more actions, bonuses and scoring possibilities, while planets provide the necessary resources. This way, players always create new and individual galactic empires.

Experienced players and expert gamers can look forward to Alien Artifacts as well as a new mini expansion for Imperial Settlers in 2018. Pegasus Spiele will still be responsible for the editorial supervision of Imperial Settlers and Robinson Crusoe.

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