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Adorable sheep thieves and brave dwarves conquer the Gen Con

Pegasus Spiele attends Gen Con in Indianapolis for the second time

Friedberg, August 16 2017: From August 17 to August 20, the Gen Con Indy takes place at the Indiana Convention Center and its surrounding area in Indianapolis, USA. For the second year in a row, German publisher Pegasus Spiele (winner of the prestigious Spiel des Jahres 2017) will attend the show with a booth in the Exhibit Hall as well as a space in the Event Hall. At booth #2105 in the Family Fun Pavilion, visitors can try out the publishers new English releases and get to know Pegasus Spiele. Gen Con Indy will open to the public on Thursday at 10 am. While the Exhibit Hall is open from 10 am to 6 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and from 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday, Gen Con is a 24-hour-show with more than 19,500 events.

Gen Con is the largest tabletop-game convention in North America by both attendance and number of events. It features traditional pen-and-paper, board and card games, including role-playing games, miniatures wargames, live action role-playing games, collectible card games and strategy games. Gen Con also features computer games. Attendees can engage in a variety of tournament and interactive game sessions. In 2016, Gen Con had more than 60,000 unique attendees, making it one of the largest conventions in North America altogether.

At this year’s convention, Pegasus Spiele will present it’s line of children’s games – first and foremost the new take-along series –, the PocketPlay-title Candy Match, the gorgeously illustrated family game Sheep & Thief and the recently released The Dwarves, a co-operative fantasy game based on the novels by Markus Heitz. In the Event Hall, Pegasus Spiele offers a varied program of tournaments and introductory rounds of The Dwarves, Port Royal, Santo Domingo, Sheep & Thief, Candy Match and Railroad Revolution. Attendees can buy tickets for all of these events on the Gen Con homepage.

Fantasy Games

The Dwarves (Ages 10+)

The Dwarves join together to defeat the evil forces that threaten the realms of Girdlegard. Take on the role of a beloved hero from the Dwarves novels, complete quests and defend the land against Orks, Trolls and Älfar! Stop the advancement of the Perished Land by working together and forging the legendary axe Keenfire. Add the Combined Might Mini-Expansion, the New Heroes Expansion and the Saga Expansion to the base game to re-live the adventures of Tungdil and his friends over and over again! The Dwarves enthralls readers of the novels, fantasy fans and dwarf enthusiasts in equal measure. An extraordinary, co-operative experience, which sends families and friend on an adventurous journey.

Family Games

Sheep & Thief (Ages 8+)

Sheep & Thief is a cutely illustrated competition of drafting and tile-laying, in which you must keep an eye on your opponents at all times. Otherwise, you can place all the sheep you want in your landscape, sooner or later your opponents will use Fritz the fox to steal them from you! Combining well-known and proven mechanisms in an original way, Sheep & Thief is not only easy to learn, but it also provides lots of player interaction and high replay value, resulting in a fresh and exciting game.

Candy Match (Ages 8+)

Get ready, set, Candy Match! One by one, players reveal cards with different kinds of candy from the draw pile, while looking for a combination of cards, on which all sweets are in pairs. If they successfully find a Candy Match, they receive all the cards of that combination as points. Candy Match can be explained in a flash and encourages instant playing. Accurate perception is the key to success, but do not take too long or the other players will be matching away without you. Candy Match is quick, highly interactive entertainment to take along anywhere.

Children’s Games

Timmy räumt auf (Ages 3+)

Oh no, the home is in such a muddle, everything is scattered – it is high time to tidy up! Luckily, gnome Timmy is there to help the children sort out where everything belongs. In Timmy räumt auf, players take turns rolling the color die to move Timmy around and find the items that belong in the six color-coded rooms. Thus, children not only partake in a fun, motivating game, which is beautifully equipped. They also become familiar with colors and learn to recognize specific shapes as well as the terms for items and their typical places in everyday life. Last but not least: they find out that tidying up can be fun!

Grimaffen (Ages 4+)

Do the monkey dance! In Grimaffen, children roll the die to reveal a tile from one of five categories, which they have to re-enact by making gestures with their arms or hands, imitating animal sounds or the noises of common objects, or by pulling faces. After they did so, the tile is turned upside down and the now the following players have to re-enact all the previous tiles from memory in the right order before acting out their own tile. Otherwise, they drop out of the round. Grimaffen combines silly fun with an increasingly demanding memory challenge into an equally exciting and hilarious game for mnemonists-to-be.

Gute Nacht Monster (Ages 4+)

Ok, don’t panic now, but there are monsters under your bed! You are sure of it. You have definitely seen them. But wait: how many were there? And which color were they? And weren’t there some teddy bears as well? In Gute Nacht Monster, all players are always involved, trying to remember how many monsters or bears of a particular color are currently hiding under the bed. This originally themed game of attentiveness and short-term memory training is both challenging and entertaining – not only for kids, but also for their parents.

Katz & Schmaus (Ages 4+)

Cats love treats, but these kitties are a bit particular: they only like certain colors. In Katz & Schmaus, the players want to give the right treats to each cat, but they only get to see their color at the beginning of their turn, then the treats are flipped over. By gently shaking the box, a player now feeds the cats, trying to steer the treats into the mouths of the eagerly waiting kitties. If they feed the cats correctly, they get points. But players can also get points by correctly convicting another player of making a mistake. This way, all players are involved all the time, requiring good skills of observation from each of them.

Sabrina Stachelschwein (Ages 5+)

Pop! ... Bang! …  Somebody did not think things through when planning a balloon party for all animals and inviting Sabrina the porcupine. In Sabrina Stachelschwein, each player owns some of the balloon cards that are set up in a circle in the middle of the table. Each turn, a die roll decides how many steps of the circle happy-go-lucky Sabrina takes. Wherever she stops, balloons burst and the card at her location is discarded. To make this party even more turbulent, Sabrina can change directions and players have the chance to get new balloons from the discard pile. Sabrina Stachelschwein is a fun, fast game with an adorably clumsy protagonist. Since Sabrina can strike everyone at any time, all players are always at the edge of their seat.

These and other games can be tried out at booth #2105 throughout the opening hours of the Exhibit Hall. For more information on Gen Con Indy visit

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