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Ax App: Markus Heitz’s Dwarves do what you want

Pegasus Spiele and Questor will publish a “The Dwarves”-story as an interactive adventure book – A writing competition offers fans the chance, to invent a prequel

Friedberg, June 27th 2014: We are surrounded by Dwarves – sinceGerman author Markus Heitz published his bestseller The Dwarves over a decade ago, the bearded heroes are an inseparable part of the fantasy world. The ax-wielding dwarves also have a permanent place in Pegasus Spiele’s product-line, thanks to the cooperative board game success ”Die Zwerge”. Now the adventure of The Dwarves reaches a new chapter: In the summer of 2014 the interactive game book “Die dritte Expedition” [i.e. The Third Expedition] will be published as a mobile app by Pegasus Press in cooperation with the German software company Questor.

This first mobile game release by Pegasus Spiele is only the first in a series of interactive A-Books, which immerse the readers with individual decisions and make the fight against orcs and trolls a personal one. To get even more involved, true Dwarves fans now have the chance to shape their heroes’ story:  Creative minds can compete to tell the preliminary events of “The Third Expedition”. The best idea for a prequel will be published twice: First, in the free German magazine GamesOrbit, secondly, as an A-Book implementation for mobile devices.

Following Markus Heitz’ novels and the board game adaptation by Pegasus Spiele, The Dwarves now delve into their next adventure – and this time the reader is right among them. Fans of high fantasy and amateur authors can visit to learn everything about the competition and the new A-Books by Pegasus Spiele.

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