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  • Release date 25.10.2016
    The hungry mice finally have a chance to eat to their heart’s content. Sadly, the family tomcat Carlo has his watchful eyes on the family’s pantry – and he might ruin the party if the mice are not quick enough. The players have their work cut out for them, if they want to empty the pantry without having the mice end up as food themselves.  Lovely illustrations, an engaging theme and wonderful tension are the hallmarks of the cooperative children’s game Mmm! An added gameplay variant for...

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  • Release date 24.03.2015
    When the cat’s away, the mice will play. But the mean black cat is still close-by while you try to fill your tummy with all the yummy food from the pantry and say “Mmm!” The players are mice feeding on the Smiths’ food storage and should not be caught by the family’s cat. Mmm! is a cooperative game for the smallest, but with special rules for ages 7 and up, it is also fun for the whole family! Mmm! was awarded SPIEL DER SPIELE 2015 (Best Game of 2015) by the Wiener Spiele Akademie and is...

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