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  • Announced to be released ca. August 2019
    Yatzy is one of the best-known and most popular dice games there is. Langland Yatzy allows kids to join the fun even if they cannot count yet, because here players use picture dice and try to roll long animals in order to score: Three of the nine dice each show heads, three dice show waists, and three dice show tails. As usual in Yatzy, players roll up to three times and can set aside or re-roll dice as they see fit in order to score the required combinations. And while players usually compete...

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  • Announced to be released ca. April 2019
    The long animals from Langland got mixed up and are knotted together – as the animals untangle, player’s hope that their animals will free themselves first. In Langland Lotto each player has two animal cards – a long and a short one – and hopes to collect all parts of their animals first. Each round one of the face-down animal tiles is revealed. The player whose card it matches gets to take the tile. The first player to collect two complete Langland animals wins the game. Langland Lotto is a...

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