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Talisman - Adventure Contest

Playing a heroic tale and fighting off the enemy forces – very well.

But writing your own story after having played all the adventures in TALISMAN – LEGENDARY TALES, how would that be? Sounds good? Send us your story suggestion until the 31tst of August 2019 via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The winner receives a 120-Euro-Voucher which can be compiled at our shop at as well as a copy of the upcoming reprint of TALISMAN – THE MAGICAL QUEST, 4th EDITION. Pegasus Spiele will also draw three copies of TALISMAN – THE MAGICAL QUEST, 4th EDITION among all participants.

A selection of the most legendary adventures will get released, so that the best storytellers achieve their well-deserved honor and fame. For this the adventures will get elected by a jury consisting of Pegasus Spiele editors and the two authors Michael Palm and Lukas Zach.

Conditions of participation:

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Tell your own story

Do you want to think up your own adventure and tell your own stories? The following directions will guide you in your quest:


1. Story

First think up an exciting story. Afterwards it will not be hard to pick the right adventure tokens and other components for your tasks.

  • Maybe the goblins are besieging the castle?
  • Or a secret ritual takes place in the temple?
  • Is the vampire about to awaken dreadful creatures on the cemetery?
  • Or is the evil prince gathering nasty henchmen in the ruins?


2. Locations

Be sure to connect the locations at least to one other, when you think up the map for the adventure. Consider where the special locations of your story should be situated and where the heroes should start.

  • The besieged castle should not be right next to the starting tile of the heroes. Which paths are leading to it?


3. Enemies & treasures

Now it is time for the enemies to conquer the board. Make sure you adjust the difficulty of the creatures wisely. The harder the enemies are, the more treasure chests and wealthy enemies you should use.

  • Who is guarding the paths to the castle?
  • Is there a longer path which is unguarded?


4. Quests & items

Why not include minor quests in the story? Items like the herbs or the lantern can be used as a necessary requirement to enter a certain space.

  • Do the heroes have to be turned into toads by witches to sneak into the castle?
  • Where is the witch hiding?
  • Is the search for her the main quest before advancing to the second part of the adventure?


5. Further suggestions

Tokens, which give a hint, like the fairies or the gutless goblins, can be used to confuse the heroes and extend the adventure.

  • Do only the fairies know where the helpful witch can be found?

The quests of the villagers (tokens of the 5th adventure) can be used to increase the movement on the board.

  • Does the witch want something in return for her help, which must be found by the heroes in advance - use one of the adventure tokens.

You can use the toads in different ways. Why not use them to represent an evil spell of the defeated witch? Just add them to the bags.

Special tokens, such as the witch, the dragon, the thieves or the dark lord are suited as the main characters in your story.


6. Adventure awaits!

What is most important?

To have a lot of fun playing with your friends and the experience of a unique self made story!

The Game Designers of Talisman - Legendary Tales (and Adventure Island): Michael Palm & Lukas Zach

The jury

• Lukas Zach (author) - @ludocreatix

Since Lukas Zach shopped at Michael Palm's toy store Seetroll by chance, they are bound together in friendship. Both are addicted to board games since their youth. No wonder they established Ludocreatix together and have already released several games. Furthermore Lukas Zach is accompanying several videogame projects as a game designer for mobile games since many years.


• Michael Palm (author) - @seetroll

His first game, already developed in 1996, was followed by numerous cooperations with various partners. In 2003 Michael Palm and Lukas Zach established Ludocreatix. Since then they have released several games for Pegasus Spiele. Furthermore Michael Palm runs a board game and comic business called Seetroll, a toy store with various branches at Lake Constance.


• Pegasus Spiele (editorial team) - @pegasusspiele

Our editors are focused on monitoring the game market and discovering interesting new prototypes and to turn them into exciting, innovative and funny products. Without a doubt they have to be part of this jury.

Send us your adventures over here

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