• Release date 18.06.2018
    There is nothing better than freshly baked cookies! So, as soon as the oven opens, Pummeleinhorn and his friends stand ready to gobble them right up. It is only with a heavy heart that they put some into the cookie jar – for bad times. But will they really manage to keep their paws off? Pummeleinhorn – Mampf Mampf is a variant of the popular card game Mau Mau. In the usual manner, players may only play cards from their hand to the discard pile that match the number or colour of the top card of...

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  • Release date 15.06.2016
    Finding words with all the same starting letter in a catergory isn't hard. But how about cities, mountains and animals that all share the color blue? Creativity is key! Stadt-Land-anders offers a completely new way to find words. So if you search for "blue" and "animal", that could be a „blue whale!“ A creative scoring system also ensures that originality is rewarded. Components: 60 cards, 2 ruke sheets (English, German). Required but not included: pen & paper for every player.

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