• Release date 09.04.2019
    A spell that went wrong has dispersed the inhabitants of Fabulantica throughout the entire land. Confused as to what has happened, the inhabitants take cover in the towers where they wait for help, since nobody knows where the others have got to. That’s up to the players to find out. At all times 3 open mission cards are pending, each requiring players to find a specific resident first and then look for their friend. To do so, players play travel cards that correspond with the four kinds of...

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  • Release date 03.09.2018
    Scouting snails have spotted more than enough plants in the farmer’s yard to feed all the snails – so they might as well have fun with it, by playing their favourite game: Curli Kuller. At the beginning, every player chooses a colour. On a turn, a player rolls the snail down a ramp into the yard, trying to knock over as many plants of their own colour as possible. Once a snail stops plowing the yard, all plants that have been knocked over are distributed to their owners – so watch out or you...

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  • Release date 01.07.2014
    You will either play a pirate or a seaman. Every round, you will use one of your 3 Sight tiles to cathc as many parrots as possible, hit the opposing pirates and seamen, take cover behind barrels and bird cages to avoid hits, or drink rum to get oblivious to the pain. If you get hit too many times, you will be eliminated from the game early. Among the remaining players, the player with the most parrots will win the game.

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