• Release date 16.10.2018
    Good times in the tiny kingdom of Emara: During the reign of King Thedorius the Wise, wars, uprisings and other inconveniences became a thing of the past. Thedorius always cared more for the well-being of his subjects than for power or riches. Therefore, only the nobleman who is able to care for Emara’s citizens as well as Thedorius himself did, shall become Thedorius’ successor and wear the Crown of Emara. To test the skills of all aspirants, Thedorius and his counselors issue a challenge of...

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  • Release date 16.03.2016
    It is real! The legendary Yeti was sloppy and left some traces. You take the role of an adventurous climber following the Yeti’s tracks. You roll the dice hiring Sherpa, climbing the Yeti mountain, and placing tents to survive until your next turn. If you can spare some money, you can buy equipment that might improve your odds. To gain points, you must find the Yeti’s tracks — the higher your altitude, the more points you will get. Most importantly though, you should hope for good weather. If...

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