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Wau Wau Muh und was machst du?

Announced to be released ca. April 2019 Kinderspiele, Wau Wau Muh, Kartenspiele, Janet Kneisel  

A new day on the farm begins and all animals wait to be fed by the players – but only one after the other. While a task card states which animal is to be fed next, players on their turn get to reveal one of the face-down motif tiles in the hopes of matching the current task. If they don’t find the correct tile, they turn the revealed tile back face-down. But if they match the task, they get to feed the depicted animal by sticking the motif tile with the animal food into the matching slit of the “farmyard” (set up in the game box) – and while doing so they should imitate the corresponding animal sound. Then a new task is revealed. Once all tasks are fulfilled, the player who fed most animals wins.

Wau Wau Muh und was machst du? Is a fun memory game for children that allows them to get to know farm animals and sounds they make along the way.

Format:17.7 cm × 12.7 cm × 3.7 cm
Weight:0 kg
Players:2 bis 5 Spieler from 3 Years
Playing time:10 bis 15 Minuten

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