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Sei kein Frosch

Release date 13.06.2018 Kinderspiele, Sei kein Frosch, Kinderspiele  

Flies are swirling all around the pond: a feast for the hungry frogs – if just the hungry stork with a taste for frogs wasn’t nearby! In Sei kein Frosch! The pond is represented by 9 water lily cards with facedown adjacent cards that can either show tasty flies or the nasty stork. On a turn, the player rolls the color die and jumps to the next water lily of the color they rolled. Along the way all leaped cards are revealed. If a frog reaches their water lily without revealing a stork, they can even choose to continue; once they end their

turn, they get all revealed flies. If they reveal a stork at any point, their turn ends and they get no flies at all.

When the seventh stork is revealed the game ends and the player who caught most flies, wins.

Sei kein Frosch! is a quick, straightforward push-your-luck game. A funny theme, cute illustrations and exciting turns make the frog’s fly hunt enjoyable for children and their parents alike.

Format:17.7 cm × 12.7 cm × 3.7 cm
Weight:0.176 kg
Players:2 bis 4 Spieler from 5 Years
Playing time:20 bis 30 Minuten

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