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Sabrina Stachelschwein

Pop! … Bang! … Somebody did not think things through when planning a balloon party for all animals and inviting Peggy the porcupine. In Peggy Porcupine each player owns some of the balloon cards of different values set up in a circle in the middle of the table. Happy-go-lucky Peggy wants to say “Hi” to all her friends, so each turn a die roll determines how many steps of the circle she takes. Wherever she stops, balloons burst and the card at her location is discarded upside down in the middle of the circle. To make this party even more turbulent, Peggy can change directions and players have the chance to get new balloons from the discard pile. Once Peggy popped all balloons of one player, the remaining players add up their cards: Whoever has the highest value left, wins the game.

Peggy Porcupine is a fun, fast game with an adorably clumsy protagonist that brings the turbulent party to the game table. Since Peggy can strike everyone at any time, all players are always at the edge of their seat.

Format:17.7 cm × 12.7 cm × 3.7 cm
Weight:0.2 kg
Players:2 bis 5 Spieler from 6 Years
Playing time:10 bis 15 Minuten

1 Figur Stachelschwein 

28 Luftballonkarten 

1 Würfel 

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