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Announced to be released ca. April 2019 Kinderspiele, Fabulantiica, Brettspiele, Marco Teubner  

A mighty storm scattered the residents of Fabulantica all over the land, they just managed to shelter themselves in the towers that shape the landscape. But no one knows who hid in which tower. That’s up to the players to find out. At all times 3 open mission cards are pending, each requiring players to find a specific resident first and then their friend. To do so, players play travel cards that correspond with the four kinds of paths to move across the board or they use the Magic Carpet and travel to a location of their choice. The resident in each visited tower is revealed to all players, once their current location is visited – but if that resident was part of the active players’ mission, the resident including tower changes their position. The player who cleverly plans their travels, remembers the residents’ locations and fulfills three mission first wins.

With accessible rules Fabulantica challenges players from age 6 and up to make the best out of their hand cards, pay close attention at all times to not have any resident “disappear” again, and move efficiently to succeed.

Format:0 cm × 0 cm × 0 cm
Weight:0 kg
Players:2 bis 5 Spieler from 6 Years
Playing time:20 bis 30 Minuten

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