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Timmy räumt auf

Release date 29.03.2017 Kinderspiele, Timmy räumt auf, Kinderspiele  

Oh no, the home is in such a muddle, everything is scattered – it’s time to tidy up! Luckily little Timmy is there to help the children sort out where everything belongs. In Timmy räumt auf, players take turns rolling the color die to move Timmy around and find the items that belong in the room six color-coded rooms. In every room, three items are missing. The player to put back the last item gets a point and once the home is tidy the player with most points wins. Variants like upside down items and a personal pool of items to clear away before everyone else, keep the game engaging for a more experienced clean-up crew.

In Timmy räumt auf children ages 3 an up not only partake in a fun, motivating game which is beautifully equipped. They also learn colors, to recognize specific shapes as well as the terms for items and their typical places of their everyday life. And last but not least: That tidying up can be fun. The game by Marco Teubner was recommended “Kinderspiel des Jahres” in 2008.

Format:24.5 cm × 24.5 cm × 6.5 cm
Weight:0.6 kg
Players:2 bis 4 Spieler from 3 Years
Playing time:10 bis 20 Minuten

6 Spielplanteile 

18 Gegenstände 

1 Holzfigur Timmy 

6 Holzchips 

1 Farbwürfel 

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