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Fuchs du hast das Huhn gestohlen

The hen house is in a swivet: A fox caught one of the hens and went into hiding in the fox den. In Outfox the Fox players compete in trying to find the captor. The fox den is set up in the game box – it has 16 rooms, each covered by a door with a keyhole and beneath every door is a suspect. Each turn players have the chance to open one door by lowering a key into the keyhole of one door and lifting it up. But to do so they may only hold the far end of the key chain and have only limited time. The goal of the players is to collect most suspects to increase their chances of having caught the actual culprit, who is revealed at the end of the game.

With an original dexterity mechanism, quick gameplay and a motivating setting, Outfox the Fox is an exciting experience for children ages 5 and up. And thanks to the double-sided countdown board, the game stays fair even when older siblings or parents join in.

Format:24.5 cm × 24.5 cm × 6.5 cm
Weight:0.63 kg
Players:2 bis 4 Spieler from 5 Years
Playing time:15 bis 25 Minuten

1 Fuchsbau-Spielbrett (in die Schachtel integriert) 

1 Zeitleiste 

16 Fuchsbau-Türen 

16 Fuchs-Plättchen 

8 Hinweiskarten 

1 Hahn 

1 Würfel 

1 Schlüsselkette mit Schlüssel 

2 Anleitungen (DE/EN)

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