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Das Orakel von Delphi

Zeus, Greek god of thunder and sky, hosts a competition for the most valorous mortal captains. So you ready your ships and sail the Aegaean to be the first to complete his twelve tasks: erect graceful statues, raise awe-inspiring shrines, make genereous offerings, and slay the most fearsome monsters. In order to finde the righteous path onward, you question Pythia, the mysterious Oracle of Delphi and let her divinations guide your ways.

With Oracle of Delphi, renowned designer Stefan Feld presents an atmospheric, yet highly challenging race that demands sophisticated strategy as well as short-term adaptability.

Format:29.5 cm × 29.5 cm × 7 cm
Weight:1.34 kg
Players:2 bis 4 Spieler from 12 Years
Playing time:60 bis 100 Minuten

12 Spielplanteile  

6 Stadtteile  

12 Inselplättchen

34 Gunstplättchen  

48 Zeusplättchen  

8 Schiffsplättchen  

4 Schilde  

4 Aktionsübersichten  

1 Figur Zeus  

24 Opfergaben  

6 Tempel  

23 Monster

18 Statuen  

24 Götterfiguren  

12 Kultstätten  

4 Schiffe  

12 Orakelwürfel  

1 Kampfwürfel  

1 Titanenwürfel

42 Wundenkarten  

30 Orakelkarten  

22 Ausrüstungskarten  

18 Begleiterkarten  

4 Spielertableaus

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