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Tricky Druids

Announced to be released ca. August 2019 Familienspiele, Tricky Druids, Brettspiele  

They spend all day collecting ingredients and actually they only want to secretly brew their own magic potion – but these Tricky Druids are just so terribly nice to each other that their generosity can become a problem. In the game all players have a magic potion card and a waste card hidden behind their screens. Each turn the active player rolls the dice in order to collect ingredients needed for their potions; but instead of taking the ingredients for themselves, they have to pick ingredients from their dice roll and offer them to another player. If the other player accepts, they receive the ingredients and the active player gets nothing. Only if the other player kindly declines the offer, the active player receives the ingredients for themselves (and has to take them). Received ingredients go directly into the magic potion – if it’s the right ones – or they fill the waste card … and if the waste overflows, the active magic potion has to be discarded. Whoever manages to brew most potions, wins.

A clever gifting mechanism makes each turn of Tricky Druids exciting and interactive. Players need to find the right balance to offer presents that are unappealing to others while containing the ingredients they themselves urgently need.

Format:27.3 cm × 18.9 cm × 6.5 cm
Weight:0 kg
Players:2 bis 4 Spieler from 8 Years
Playing time:20 bis 40 Minuten

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