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Sheep & Thief

Release date 29.03.2017 Familienspiele, Sheep & Thief, Brettspiele  

Sheep & Thief is a cutely illustrated competition in which you must keep an eye on your opponents at all times. In each of the three rounds, the players first draft their hand cards – while also getting a vague idea about what their opponents might be up to. Afterwards, they use the cards to build their little empire with roads connecting cities, lakes and streams across the country, as well as collecting sheep for big points. Rivals never rest, though. Playing a thief card, a player can steal sheep from all other players … unless they were smart enough to protect their flock with dogs.

Combining well-known and proved mechanisms in an original way, Sheep & Thief is not only easy to learn, but it also provides lots of player interactions, resulting in a fresh and exciting gaming experience.

Format:29.5 cm × 20 cm × 6.8 cm
Weight:1.03 kg
Players:2 bis 4 Spieler from 8 Years
Playing time:20 bis 40 Minuten

4 landscape boards 

54 sheep

4 thieving foxes 

80 cards

1 rule book (English, German)

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