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  • Release date 27.10.2019
    Axio Rota, the new installment in the Axio line, keeps the symbols and clever scoring of the original abstract board game Axio, but forces players to adapt as it implements a new tile format. In Axio Rota all tiles are square with a symbol in each corner, respectively some tiles have one empty corner. As usual, players play one tile per turn and score by matching adjacent symbols. Empty corners allow players to choose a color for that corner as they play the tile – however, once played empty...

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  • Release date 13.11.2017
    In a game of Axio, every player receives a rack with space for up to six rectangular, domino-style tiles as well as a scoring board with one track for each symbol that can appear on the tiles. Each turn, players play one of the tiles from their rack onto the board, trying to enlarge lines of identical symbols to score points. The longer the enlarged lines, the higher the respective symbol scores. Players can also choose a single space on the board and place a pyramid there, which lets them...

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