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The Dwarves Base Game

Erscheinungsdatum 28.09.2016 Kennerspiele, Die Zwerge, Brettspiele, Michael Palm  

Take the roles of the five dwarves Tungdil, Balyndis, Boëndal, Boïndil and Bavragor, well-known characters by millions of readers of the German beststeller novel series The Dwarves by Markus Heitz. Save Girdlegard together! Complete quests, fight the evil forces, and influence the Dwarf Council. But most of all: Forge Keenfire and complete the last great quest…

The world of The Dwarves will come to life on your gaming table in this cooperative game due to its atmospheric illustrations and detailed plastic dwarf figures. There are several difficulty levels to choose from, from easy to heroic. Help these little brawlers to survive against Orcs, Trolls and Älfar! You shouldn’t tempt dwarves for fun, but this game tempts you to have fun with them!

Format:29.5 cm × 29.5 cm × 7 cm
Gewicht:1.342 kg
Spieler:2 bis 5 Spieler ab 10 Jahren
Spieldauer:60 bis 90 Minuten

1 game board  

5 character boards 

5 Dwarven figures  

5 health tokens  

56 tiles 

7 number dice and 3 recruitment dice  

30 Ork troops, 25 Troll troops and 20 Älfar troops  

5 scenario tokens 

12 scenario cards  

30 adventure cards  

15 threat card 

22 equipment cards  


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