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Guns & Steel - A Story of Civilization

Erscheinungsdatum 06.06.2017 Kennerspiele, Mini Civilization, Kartenspiele  

From the Stone Age to the New Age! Guns & Steel lets you experience the history of mankind in less than an hour.

From the beginnings of agriculture and bartering to the first voyages into outer space: can you use your resources skillfully to adapt to new powerful technologies? Are you the world's first leader to shape a whole new era in history? Will your civilization survive the test of time?

Guns & Steel is a compact strategy game that will challenge you on every turn.

Format:17.7 cm × 12.7 cm × 3.7 cm
Gewicht:0.3 kg
Spieler:2 bis 4 Spieler ab 10 Jahren
Spieldauer:45 bis 60 Minuten

90 Civilization cards

6 Player Aid cards

4 Victory Point Cards

24 Wooden Markers


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