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Pegasus Licensing

We are a publisher for board, card and roleplaying games located near Frankfurt/Germany. We were founded 1992 and did initially specialize in fantasy games like our board game “Rückkehr der Helden”. Today we publish a broad variety of games and are well-known especially for fast-paced card games and strategy board games. Among our designers and illustrators are Reiner Knizia, Wolfgang Kramer, Michael Menzel, Steve Jackson, Tom Wham, John Kovalic and many more.
The range of our games includes very popular games like “Mondo”, “Village” and “Munchkin” but also some interesting new games like “Camel Up”, “Istanbul” and “Rokoko”.

We are always interested in partners from a non German language country who want to bring our games to the people in their country or their language area. For some language areas licenses of our games are still available. We can provide you with all necessary files to create your own version that will fit into your market. Of course it is also possible to send us the translated text files, we do the layouting for you, order the print run, and sell complete print runs of the game to you.


If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us: licensing(at)