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Release date 12.03.2017 Familienspiele, Frogriders, Brettspiele  

Once upon a time, the Elven Frogriders were honourable warriors, who could even defeat giant trolls when they worked together. However, for a long time now, there has been peace in the land of the Elves, and the Frogriders do not have to fight anymore. In memory of their heroes of old, the Elves now celebrate the legendary, annual Frogrider tournament, where they perform elaborate choreographies for the audience. In the end, only the most talented squad will win the competition. To achieve this, the players take turns in letting the Frogriders jump over one another and then picking up the frog which has been jumped over. They can also take bonus actions to further influence the course of the game. Once no more jumps are possible, the game ends and the player who has collected the most valuable riders, wins.

Frogriders is a colourfully staged family game, which is easy to learn, quick to set up and fast to play. With every move, players need to collect the most valuable frogs for their own collection, whilst not creating opportunities for the others. This way, the game provides great fun for tacticians and amateur choreographers alike.

Format:29.5 cm × 29.5 cm × 7 cm
Weight:1.01 kg
Players:2 bis 4 Spieler from 8 Years
Playing time:20 bis 30 Minuten

56 Froschreiter-Figuren 

1 Spielplan 

44 Karten

4 Holzfiguren 

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