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Bouncing Bunnies

Erscheinungsdatum 31.08.2015 Kinderspiele, Hopp hopp Häschen, Kinderspiele  

It rains and rains and rains and just wont stop. Thats not only tough for earthworms, the little bunnies also have to flee out of their burrow. With the

help of the colour die, the little bunnies have to first flee towards the correctly coloured exit and then if luck holds can finally bounce towards the surface. Who can help the most bunnies get to the surface safely?

With its 20 wooden bunnies and a clever the-box-isthe- game-board packaging, Bouncing Bunnies is as brilliant as it is cute: a smash hit for the little ones and animal lovers alike. The game has a big lets play character that is evoked with the help of great components and easy rules. Lets get ready, set and roll!

Format:24.5 cm × 24.5 cm × 6.5 cm
Gewicht:0.52 kg
Spieler:2 bis 5 Spieler ab 3 Jahren
Spieldauer:10 bis 15 Minuten

1 game board (integrated in the box) 

20 bunnies 

1 color die 


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